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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

You Aren't My Friend

Apparently, some of Rush's callers weren't all that happy about Big Time's new "if it feels good, go fuck yourself" philosophy. They think it might not be the best message to send to their kids.

Rush tried to explain it but wasn't quite coherent because the drugs do tend to make you hallucinate. In his case, he had a vision that the Democrats were actually Republicans. It's very interesting:

RUSH: ...Look, I just want to say. I'm going to repeat what I said at the beginning of the program when I talked about this because I think there's a bit of a double standard here when people are expressing outrage about this. Don't misunderstand. I am not for the word becoming part of the common, everyday vernacular, but it still is. You cannot turn on television today without hearing the word. You cannot go to the movies without hearing the word -- unless you go to a kids' movie, a G movie -- and it is what it is and we can sit here and lament it and wring our hands all we want.

What we can do is have our own private conduct of standards and abide by them with our friends and people that we deal with and refuse to fall prey and join those in the gutter who are using the word in a guttural sense. I don't think Cheney was using it in a guttural sense.

The point to me is this. The Democrats have wanted it two ways, both ways for the longest time. They want to be perceived by the vast majority of people as decent and calm and refined, and they're the ones who have all the compassion and care. They're out there every day, Senator Leahy among them, accusing Vice President Cheney of corruption, of actually getting Halliburton a gig in Iraq for his own personal gain. They are claiming that he and Bush started this war -- when it wasn'necessary -- for their own personal gain, that they are in cahoots with all of this prison abuse, doing it personally because that's a kind of people they are. They are saying some of the most...

What is being said about Bush and Cheney by people like Senator Leahy from committees, on television, is far worse than Cheney using the F-word back to Leahy, because these people are into character and personal assassination.These people are trying to destroy George W. Bush, his reputation and his life, just as they are trying to do Vice President Cheney's.

(Creepy, isn't it? One of the most unpleasant characteristics of the modern Republican bully is his overarching sense of victimization. Combined with this very, very sick projection problem, you can see why he needs the little blue babies.)

Now, all you children out there listen up. This is how the grown-up Republicans behave:

Yet when Cheney shows up at the Senate, here's Pat Leahy who wants to be all buddy-buddy and put his arm around him and get in the photo-op and act like they're good buds, and Cheney -- and this has been going on for far too long -- and Cheney finally said F-you. You aren't my friend.

What he was saying: You're not my friend; I don't want you in my company, and I'm not going to smile when I'm around you, because you don't deserve my friendship. You haven't earned my friendship. You are my enemy, and I'm not going to come here and put on a show, phony baloney show, that says like you and that we are convivial and that we are colleagues and all we do is disagree in the daytime but at night we go out and have a beer. F-you. I don't want to have a beer with you. I don't want to be anywhere near you. I don't like you. You do not deserve my friendship, and don't act like we're friends here. Point made.

Amen. Hubba hubba. Home run, exclamation point. It's about time this started happening because the Democrats are getting away with this two-faced behavior of theirs for way, way, way too many years.

That's what they mean when they say they are "changing the tone," kids. If Democrats say something bad about Republicans, they are bad. If Republicans something bad about Democrats, they are telling the truth. If Democrats have disagreements with you but still try to be friendly, they are being two-faced. You should tell them to go fuck themselves. That's what grown-ups call "civility." And you will feel so much better after you do it, too.

If that doesn't work and you still feel bad, try one of these little blue babies. Uncle Rush and Uncle Dick are what we call "Republican role models." We believe that if it feels good, do it. That's what being a grown-up Republican is all about.

Thanks to kevin for the Catch.